Leather ITALO for the Italian market

High-quality upholstery leather has his launch again from our leather ITALO. Italo is our new high standard quality leather with his price quality rate that is unbeatable for our market: an important feature for our times.

Pellepiu being the top of the range quality leather selector is always up-to-dated with brand-new article available in stock all the time!

Our organisation has decided to launch an upholstery leather with high standard specifications for the international market and business as well as our domestic demand. A brand-new leather with high performances, that you can find every day in our stock.

Italian design along with high-quality material applied is always a winning key to the international market. In the sofa and leather business our Product LINE Italo enables you to introduce top of the range quality sofas in your market and all over the world. Elegant and reliable finished products with a quality leather available in our stock at multiple colours.

To have our collection ITALO in your leather range means for you as upholsterer in small or big scale to possess a driving product which has been made with high selected raw hides and has been produced following the environmental standard.

The combination of the quality and the well estimated price of our leather Italo will definitely support the success of your finished product regardless if your company is big or small.

Ask for our catalogue ITALO and visit our website ! Our leather specialists are looking forward to hearing from you!

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